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Mitchell Barton is an artist working in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. He got a BFA from Brigham Young University in 2017.

Recent(ish) projects include:

  • “Three Basketball Games” — a book with photographs and text regarding three basketball games he watched from his living room. The photographs were made through a process of cutting, photoshopping, gluing, drawing, printing, and scanning.
  • “A Concert” — an exhibition at Arcade on Stadium that functioned as the last performance of the 2020 world tour of “Freestylez” — a freestyle rapping command line computer program. This was paired with photographs from their tour as well.
  • “Artspeak Ipsum” — a lorem ipsum generator based on International Art English.

He also runs a little gallery space in his basement furnace room called Washer / Dryer Projects that is hardly ever open to the public but always open on the internet.

Apart from making art, he makes custom websites for people at Cold Rice LLC.

His work has been shown online and in real life at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Arcade on Stadium, Tropical Contemporary, Light Factory, UMOCA, CUAC, Der Grief, A New Nothing, Self Publish Be Happy, The Daily Lazy, In The In-Between, and others.

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